Elsie Pie and Me

I was feeling really down today and missing Pie, so Mum said, ‘I know, how about we take a look through the photos and find all the ones of you and Pie together, then maybe you can share them with our Tripawds friends.’

I thought that was a pretty stupid suggestion, to be perfectly honest with you. ‘Won’t that just make me feel worse?’ I said. ‘How’s looking at photos going to help? It’s not going to bring Pie back, is it?’

‘No,’ said Mum. ‘Not physically. But it will bring back lots of memories and although they might make you feel sad, I think they might make you feel happy too.’

‘So how does that work, Mum?’ I said. ‘Happy and sad are opposites. You can’t be both together.’

‘Just come and look through them, Meg,’ said Mum. ‘Come and sit on my lap,’ So I did.


This was my first day with Elsie and Mum. New Year’s Day 2010. They found me on New Year’s Eve

Mum took us to Wales because she said I was a nightmare in London. Apparently, I was a nightmare in Wales too.


Elsie and Mum took me on my first ever trip to the beach


Elsie taught me loads of stuff. Mostly she taught me it was okay to be happy.

She was always pretty chatty

This is us when we first moved to Norfolk. Pie and I enjoyed exploring together.

This was us that time Mum served our dinner five minutes late

And when she told us she was going to be away for our birthday, and Pie and I staged a sit-in protest

And here we are in the MegaWagon. Else wanted to call it the PieMobile, but MegaWagon sounded better

In Pie I had a friend for all seasons.

A partner in humiliation

And a physio buddy too

She was also perfect just to chill with. I hate that empty space on the sofa

This is us listening to a play on the radio

And Pie made a perfect footrest

This was just last Autumn, when we went to see my Auntie and Uncle in Bristol

And this is maybe the last one of the two of us together. Mum says it totally cracks her up. Why? I said. Well just look at you both! she said. 

‘Do you see, Meg?’ said Mum when we’d finished looking, and she was smiling at me, but there were tears in her eyes. ‘You can be happy and sad together.’

‘Yes, Mum,’ I said. ‘I do.’

11 thoughts on “Elsie Pie and Me”

  1. Meg,
    yes you can be happy and sad at the same time. I loved everyone one of these pictures you helped pick out. Seeing you from the time you came home with Pie shows us what kind of sister you were to her.
    I know you and you Mum miss her so much. That won’t change but she will always be with you.
    I really love that last picture. It shows you in the water where you loved to be and Pie up above on the Bridge. Who knew when this picture would be taken that is where Pie would be. <3 <3 <3

    Sending my love
    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. I agree you can be happy and sad both you can also have happy and sad tears too!

    I love that Mum has all these memories they are a treasure trove! Miss Pie was your partner in all that you did or the very least she observed some of your antics! She was always with you and vise versa. There is an important piece of you missing!

    I have no words of comfort this is a beautiful post, and it comes with smiles and more tears! Hold on to one another ok!
    Sending lots of love and hugs across the sea.

  3. WOW…. what a beautiful post and a glimpse into the special life you two (three) shared together. Thank you for sharing with us and for the reminder you CAN be happy & sad at the same time and it is totally allowed.

    I love that Pie taught you to “be happy”. It is a lesson so many of us learn too late in our journey … thank you for the reminder!

    Sending you lots of love! And thank you for the photos… they bring so much joy to all of us too.

    Alison (Spirit Shelby furever in her heart) and little Jasper too

  4. OH Meg so many pictures here I’ve never seen! They’ve made me once again smile through tears. Of course I laughed out loud at the dinner 5 minutes late and the sit in one 😂 You and Pie have such priceless expressions! Pie truly lives on through you and Mum and of course all of us who loved her too. Mum is right you can be sad and happy together. Love Michelle’s insight on that last picture together. Truly who knew how prophetic that picture would become? But I know Pie is watching over both of you..always ❤️🐾❤️

  5. I love those pictures! She was so beautiful with the white around her eyes. And the white on her chest.

    I know you miss your girl terribly.

  6. Meg sweetheart (yes, for all yiur bluster and independence, you are everybody’s SWEETHEART), all your inquiries abput how looking at pictures coukd make you happy are spot-on. We all had the same questions. But your Mum in her infinite wisdom knew you can experience happiness and sadness seemingly at the same time.

    I’m so glad your Mum jad you sit with her and look at all these WONDERFUL, DELIGHTFUL, SACRED TREASURES of happy times! You jave just experienced the power thst happiness has over sadness!! Happyiness dominates sadness everytime. Oh yeah, the “sadness” can still be in the “background”, but it is pushed aside for another time when we get to revisit all these glorious, and often time, hilarious, memories! 🙂

    As your Mum already knows Meg, whe we visits thexe memories, the feelings st thst time become REAL again! REAL is REALITY, right? And this means the “reality” is thst Elsie Pie is still prese t with is! And that makes the PIE soooo happy!!

    I’ve looked at every single picture at least four times now (and still counting),and every single one makes me smile….or makes me lzugh….or makes me go “aww”….., or makes me want to smooch the xcreen….., or makes me say “beautiful”….or makes me giggle at the butt shots or the “twins” rolling in the grass simultaneously…and ALWAYS the overriding emotion is LOVE!!! EVERY PHOTO IS ABOUT HOW LOVED AND ADORED YOU AND THE PIE ARE BY YOUR MUM…….AND HOW LOVED AND ADORED SHE IS BY YOU TWO!!

    I hope you know Meg (and your Mum), how much it means to us to be a part of your family and to continue to have the privilege of seeing these wonderful snippets of your life with the Pie and with each other. DO NOT EVER STOP!!

    With love and light always and the “knowing” Pie is always with you…with us

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS…Yes, love Michelle’s insight on that photo!! Lovely!!

  7. ahhhhh MEG.. such a sweet post. You make me cry every time I read anything that you or your mum shares with us. “Pie” and you – and your mum – have had such an incredible journey together. I know your sweet mum is hurting and missing her (your) sweet Pie…I hope you are doing okay too. The lifetime of photos that you are able to share with us is just.so.wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Lovely Elsie, a proper Lady. She gave sage advice with those eyes. A proper friend and consigliere for Meg making her the dog she is and always will be xxx

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