Elsie Pie: the Movie

Mum and I put together this video compilation of a few of Pie’s highlights over the years. We miss her so, so badly.

Pie Face, this is for you!

Love Meg xxx

12 thoughts on “Elsie Pie: the Movie”

  1. For the first time since Zato passed, I actually laughed watching Miss Pie. What spirit! She’s amazing and had so much fun. She had to be so funny to be around. I know you must miss her so much. She was so smart, too.

    Thank you for sharing that – that was just great and it made me smile. What a special girl.


    1. Thank you, Tracy. I’m so pleased to know that Pie was able to bring a smile to your face at such a sad time. I just know little Pie and handsome Zato are best friends already, and getting up to all sorts.
      Sending you a huge warm hug,
      Meg and Clare xx

  2. There is the 🎬“Clare/Meg Production“🎥📽

    We miss you Elsie Pie thanks for our Miss Pie fix! She was so full of personality & her expressions to tell all!

    Never forgotten Miss Pie, you have imbedded your memory in our hearts fur a lifetime !

    Always loved, never furgotten, furever missed!

    Sending lots of love to Mum & Meg & Miss Pie in the sky!

    1. Thank you, Holly. Your love and support have meant the world to us, and your wonderful Borrowed Angels tribute has been like a hand holding ours across the Atlantic, guiding us through some terrible days. We love you.
      Meg and Clare (I’m not going to put kisses as it keeps sending me to spam and i think that’s why, but please consider yourself hugged and kissed)

  3. The video is priceless Clare, showed me a funnier, more carefree side of Pie that was somtimes hidden by her RBF – and I say that with love!
    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  4. Well when I saw the title I thought ok this is going to be a tear jerker. But OMD Clare you have surely captured the “essence of Pie” here. You brought to life what she was born for. This movie brings joy, smiles and laughter. This movie is who Elsie is. The Pie made me smile every single time I saw her. I’ll admit there were tears at the end but the video made me happy as I watched it. The movie is pure Pie! The way I will always remember your girl. Happy and content to live next to Meg’s shining star because deep down she knew how special she too was and secretly reveled in that knowledge. Love you Angel Pie forever! Sending much love Clare to you and Meg! Brilliant job!

    1. I’m so pleased Pie brought her Auntie Linda smiles and laughter. Pie would have been delighted too. She was born to be a clown and she loved making people laugh. She would have been so pleased and then she would have demanded a treat by way of payment… I love the fact that you loved her, Linda. Thank you for your wonderful love and support.
      Meg and Clare

  5. Clare you and Meg put together the most awesome video of Pie. I am glad you shared that fun side of her. She sure made me smile in htis video.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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