My MegaTrain Adventure

So, I’m always on at Mum to let me go on a train. ‘No way,’ she says. ‘Absolutely no way…’

‘But Else got to go on the train,’ I tell her. ‘And buses. She liked to go on the top deck. She’d sit right at the front and pretend she was driving.’

She’d sit right at the front and pretend she was driving.

‘That was Else,’ says Mum. ‘You’re you.’ Which is like the most unhelpful comment ever. I’m like, ‘Yeah, so what are you saying?’

‘You know very well what I’m saying, Meg,’ she says. ‘Don’t give me that look. You remember what happened…’

‘But that was YEARS ago,’ I say.

‘It doesn’t feel like it,’ says Mum.

‘I can’t believe you’re STILL banging on about it…,’ I said, like give me a break. What happened was nothing basically. And it wasn’t my fault anyway. This busker got on, like came right in my carriage so I told him to get off, I mean as you do, and he’s really like arsey, starts playing his guitar, if you can call it playing, which you can’t, I mean not anything you’d call music, not unless you were deaf, do you know what I’m saying… Anyway, so I’m like this has got to STOP, not just for me but like everyone, it’s the worst sound you ever heard in your life, so I make a grab for his guitar, like spare us.  And all it is is a big stick basically, but you never heard such a fuss as there was, and nobody stuck up for me, no one, and we had to get off the train in disgrace, Me, Mum and Pie, and walk all the way home, and Mum said never again and we never did.

But like I say, that was YEARS ago. I’m like get over it, be more dog… So, on Thursday, right, it’s this BEAUTIFUL day. And it’s been damp and grey, like forever, but on Thursday, it’s suddenly bright blue sky and sunny and crisp, and guess what, the car’s in the garage, so I’m like let’s go to the Heath, and Mum says ‘I’m sorry, Meg, we can’t; the car’s in the garage,’ like I knew she would, like walking straight into my trap. ‘It’s a shame we can’t go by train,’ I said, all innocent. ‘It’s such a shame…’ ‘I know,’ she said. ‘But we can’t, and that’s that,’ and I just kind of shrugged, like okay whatever, but I made sure I looked a bit downcast, cause it might be the last sunny day we get ever, and I waited, cause I seen the seed was sown.

So maybe half an hour later, she looks at me. ‘I suppose we could try…,’ she says, and I’m like really noncommittal, like well only if you’re sure… So that decides her. ‘Come on,’ she says. ‘What’s the worst that can happen. Actually, don’t answer that,’ she adds quickly.’

So we did, and do you know what. It was the best day ever, and we took some photos to show you.

First we walked up to the station, which was really exciting, and they opened the special wide gates for us to go through.

Then we got a lift down to the platform, so we didn’t have to use the stairs, and it was really good fun and Mum let me press the buttons.

Then on the train, I got lots of treats. ‘Top quality treats,’ says Mum, ‘that’s the secret to travelling with dogs,’ which was quite rude actually, except they were nice treats.

We got to Hampstead Heath in no time at all, which I’d like the journey to have lasted longer, but we climbed up Parliament hill and you could see all over London, which was cool, and we still had the journey back to look forward to too.

Then I got out for a hop and did some digging and just enjoyed hanging out in the sun.

We went for tea at Kenwood and I got a sausage and then it was time to go home. At the station we got in the lift again, except the sign for the lift didn’t have any dogs on, which Mum and me both thought was wrong, so we fixed it for them.

Then we waited on the platform and I was so excited for the train to come.

And here I am on the train, which you can see how perfectly behaved I am and how there’s no reason not to take me anywhere.

Then we were home. ‘You must be tired,’ said Mum. But I wasn’t, not at all, not the tiniest bit. In fact, I was already planning our next adventure.

Thank you for reading,

Lots of love, from

Meg xxx

A VERY long overdue MEGA update

First things first, it’s Mum’s fault not mine that I haven’t updated my blog for so long. Seriously, I’ve been on and on at her. I’m like, ‘I need the computer, Mum. Come on!’ ‘In a minute, Meg,’ she says, and like nine months later, do you know what I’m saying! I’m like, ‘Mum, I got fans need to know what I’m up to.’ ‘Meg,’ she says. ‘Stop pestering me. I’ll let you have it in a minute.’ I’m like, ‘Whatever!’ Seriously, she got no idea about sharing.

So now I got LOADS to update you on, which mainly I reckon I’ll show you the pics, cos you know how they say like a picture tells a thousand words, and there’s no way I’ll have time to type all that, even with my paw flying so fast it’s like blurrrrr, before she kicks me off again.

First though, just quickly, I got to tell you about my new doctor, which Mum insists on calling her The Three-legged Vet, but I prefer her official title of Personal Physician to the MegaStar. Anyway, she just happened to be covering in our local vets one day when I called in for a health check, and when I come hopping in, she was like really happy, which people usually are to be perfectly honest but turns out there’s more to it, cos she told me and Mum that she used to have a three-legged dog when she was a kid, and in fact that’s why she become a vet cos she wanted her dog to live forever, which she lived to nineteen, which ain’t forever, but you got to agree it ain’t a bad innings neither. And turns out when she was at Vet school she done her dissertation on the gait of three-legged dogs and they give her a distinction for it, and basically her whole career has been one long preparation for the role of personal physician to the MegaStar, so no surprises she was so happy when I come hopping in.

So she’s called Dr Charlotte and now she sees us every three months, and this is my regimen she got me on, in case you’re interested, which Mum says you might be, which I can’t see why except for that’s how it is when you’re a MegaStar, they want to know every detail. This is for my arthritis in my elbow and foot, and I also have acupuncture and laser every two weeks at the moment cos of the cold and damp, which Mum says is bankrupting her and I’m like ‘Well let’s move somewhere warm then.’

So, every day I take:



Paracetamol (Tylenol)


CBD oil

and also Dasuquin and fish oil.

And next month I’ll have been three years on three, and when they said I never could, which just goes to show why a MegaStar needs her own Personal Physician, make sure nobody ain’t never tempted to underestimate her again.
















In November, the MegaStar’s TENTH BIRTHDAY was marked by celebrations across the globe. This was our private one, at home. If you look close, you can see the cake’s got eleven candles. That’s cos my tenth birthday  was also Pie’s eleventh, and we lit one for her, so she was celebrating with us.












So this is how the MegaStar spends her days…

We go for lovely long walks in the forest…

And I check out the squirrels…

Before going for a swim…

If it’s nice, I’ll relax for a while on a bench…

Then home for a snooze by the fire…

I like to keep the MegaBrain active, so Mum gave me a Dog Sudoku for Christmas. I’m like ‘Dog Sudoku? DOG Sudoku???!!! What other sort of Sudoku is there!’

Mostly Mum listens to what I tell her

Don’t be cheeky, Meg, she says.

But I know she loves me really, cos who could resist!

On Saturday, it will be a whole year since Pie left us. Sometimes, when I’m missing her really badly, I lie with my head on Pie’s gorilla. It still smells of her, and if I listen really hard I can hear her talking to me. Mum says I’m imagining it, but I’m not.

So now I better go before Mum starts on at me for hogging the computer. I wouldn’t put it past her, seriously. And I bet she blames me as well, just saying, for how long it’s been since I last updated, I bet she does, do you know what I’m saying, well at least you know th…. alright, I’m stopping now… I AM!… ALRIGHT!!!

The MegaStar goes to Scotland

‘Meg,’ says Mum, one day, like out of the blue, ‘Do you fancy a holiday?’ ‘Course,’ I said, like stupid question. ‘Course I fancy a holiday…’ ‘Well,’ she says, ‘guess what, your Auntie Lisa has invited us up to Scotland.’ ‘Scotland! I said, and I’m like, ‘Whereabouts…’ but before I can finish, ‘It’s up North above England,’ she says, which is like the most patronisingist thing ever, and that’s saying something I’m telling you. ‘I know where Scotland is,’ I said. ‘ I was asking whereabouts in Scotland, like Edinburgh, or Inverness or the Hebrides or where…’ and I rolled my eyes, cause everyone knows I’m far better at geography than she is, like millions gazillions better; she can’t even find the front door half the time.  ‘Glasgow,’ she says, ‘which is where Lisa lives, and then we’re all going to go to the Isle of Bute, which is where Auntie Lisa comes from.’ ‘You going to explain what an isle is?’ I said, but I couldn’t keep the hump up long cause I was too excited about our holiday.

We left very early cos Glasgow is a long way to drive, but it was fun cos we got to stop at lots of service stations, and I love service stations:

When we got to Glasgow, I found the buildings were all built of sandstone, which is red like me.

Auntie Lisa had cooked a roast chicken dinner to welcome us, and I got to sit at the table and everything:

Next day we went to Loch Lomond, and I had the best time ever.

Here I am, swimming in the loch:

Are you looking Mum?

Loch Lomond was fab. I did loads of playing:

Just once I got a bit sad because of how much Pie would have loved it there, and this was our first holiday without her. Mum knew I was sad. Just listen, she said, can’t you hear her voice in the wind?

And then she gave me cuddles

And I taught Auntie Lisa how to throw my bally just the way I like it:

I was quite tired by the time we got back to Glasgow, and Mum says I’m never tired, or hardly ever:

Next day we went to the Isle of Bute. We missed the ferry:

But that was okay, cos there was another one.

This is me on the ferry:

I’d never been on a ferry before, and Mum said I was “surprisingly good”, which is a backhanded compliment if ever I heard one, but a compliment’s a compliment, I’ll take it…

The Isle of Bute was beautiful.

I did more swimming:

And I went to a ruined chapel, which was nearly 1000 years old:

On our last day in Glasgow, we went to the Clyde, and walked along past the old shipyards. I felt like Queen Meg in my chariot:

It was the best holiday except for it was too short. I couldn’t hardly believe it when Mum said we had to go home next morning. But we only just got here! I said.

And then we drove all the way back home and it took even longer than on the way cos Mum got lost. Her geography, uh-oh, I’m telling you…