The MegaStar celebrates 5 years on 3 legs!

I just walked in and there’s this picture of ME on the screen

Get this, right, I just walked in and Mum’s on the computer and there’s like this picture of ME on the screen, nothing unusual in that you’d think, given she takes 5000 of me every day – booooooring! So anyway, I said to her what are you doing? Like just making conversation, like you’re s’posed to do, being lockdown companions and stranded together on our 350 sq ft island of North London real estate. Seriously, it’s like Crusoe and Friday, no kidding, another day gone, another notch in the post, and no ships on the horizon.

Seriously, it’s like Crusoe and Friday and no ships on the horizon

Anyway, I could tell she’s like instantly cagey. ‘Oh nothing!’ she says, like could of fooled me, I’m not a total moron. ‘Let’s see,’ I said, and I like nudged her aside, and there it is right in front of me, she’s only writing a post on MY blog to mark MY ampuversary!

We been stuck in this lockdown since before time begun

Look, I said, I know there’s not much going on in your life, and we been stuck in this lockdown since time begun and before that as well, and I know you not got like so many resources as I have being a MegaStar, who can go anywhere in my head anyway whenever I want to and smell it as well, but seriously, do you know what I’m saying, it’s MY ampuversary, MY five years on MY three legs. Geddit? The clue’s in the ‘MY’. This is MY stuff to write about, find something of your own.

So then she gets all self righteous about it.  Well you haven’t updated your blog in forever, she goes, and I’m like don’t exaggerate, cos it’s hardly forever, is it? So then, she’s like I’ll tell you what. How about I interview you? Five questions, she says, one for each year on three, and I’m like I dunno, cause do you know what I’m saying, but then she goes on and on about it and on and on and on and on, till in the end, I’m like Oh for heavens sake, alright then I’ll do it, but just cos of lockdown and it beats doing another jigsaw.

An interview with HRH The MegaStar

So here it is, an interview with HRH The MegaStar on the occasion of her most extraordinary achievement of FIVE years on THREE legs when even the most royalist doctors said there was no way she’d be able to cope on three legs for five minutes let alone five years.

Three legs, four legs, don’t make much odds to me

Interviewer: So  how does it feel to have reached this monumental milestone?

Meg: Well I take these things in my stride to be honest, I mean that’s just how I am. Three legs four legs don’t really make much odds to me, but obviously it’s good for Tripawds, and dogs and cats in general and like the universe and everything, but I’m not one to make a fuss.

I take these things in my stride, to be honest. I mean, that’s just how I am.

Interviewer: So how did you celebrate the big day?

Meg: well it was obviously disappointing for my fans cause they’d been counting down the days and buying all the MegaStar merchandise to commemorate 5 years on 3. And they organised this petition to lift the lockdown just for my ampuversary and millions of people signed and the government said okay we’ll change the law cos otherwise, do you know what I’m saying there would have been a coup. So then the Prime Minister rung me up and he said, ‘Meg, you’ve got to help us out. Your ampuversary looks set to be a SuperSpreader event. Please,’ he said, ‘please can you call it off.’ So I said no I couldn’t could I, cos an ampuversary is like fixed. That’s the day my leg came off and it’s five years ago, and what am I supposed to do, stick my leg back on? So then he said well how about you ask them to celebrate quietly at home? So I said okay, cos I’m not like one to make a big fuss anyway. So that’s what we done and Mum and I spent the day in the river and then I had steak for tea and that was that.

Mum and I spent the day in the river

Interviewer: It’s been a challenging year for everyone with the pandemic, but I understand you’ve been doing your bit to help lift people’s spirits. Can you tell us a bit about it?

I understand you’ve been doing your bit to help lift people’s spirits…

Meg: Well it’s just how I am, isn’t it, to be honest. I don’t do anything particular except for just to be myself and that seems to make everyone happy. The main thing is, when I’m out in my buggy I always stop to say hello to people and they always stop to say hello to me, and even when people are just walking past you can see how i make them smile cos that’s just how I am.

You can see how I make people smile

Interviewer: So looking ahead to your sixth year on three, what plans have you got, assuming the lockdown will lift at some point?

Mostly I just grab every moment and make the most of it

Meg: Well you know what, I’m not so much of a planner. Mostly I just grab every moment and make the most of it. Cos anyway you never know what’s just around the corner, and if you plan too much you tend to miss what’s happening right now, and I tend to find what’s happening right now is usually the best bit. I am going to go to Wales though. That’s definite. I went to Wales last Summer, and Mum and her friend carried me all the way up a mountain in my buggy, so I’d like to do that all over again and even though Mum says absolutely no way on earth over her dead body and she must of been out of her mind.

You never know what’s just around the corner…

Interviewer: Sounds good. So finally, Meg, as a senior Tripawd, do you have any words of wisdom for those just beginning their three-legged journey?

Meg: Milk it. Do you know what I’m saying? It’s all about attitude. I mean seriously there is NOTHING in life you cannot turn to your advantage if you look at it the right way?

Interviewer: Would you care you elaborate?

Meg: No. And that’s six questions.

My official five years on three portrait


17 thoughts on “The MegaStar celebrates 5 years on 3 legs!”

  1. Oh Meg, you are amazing! You’re so beautiful, and I just love seeing you have so much fun chasing your ball in the river. You just keep on showing those doctors how wrong they were! Keep spreading smiles, we need them <3
    Love you!
    Donna, Glenn, Max, Cooper & Angels Tripawd Murphy & Cassie

    1. Thanks so much, Donna. I agree I am amazing and beautiful which Mum says is bigheaded of me, but it’s not it’s just the truth. I’m pleased I make you smile cos you make me smile too. Thank you for reading my blog.
      Love Meg ❤️

  2. Meg,
    Hoppy Ampuversary. Thank you for sharing your life with us and keeping us in smiles. You are a gorgeous girl. Keep kicking butt on 3 legs. Showing those crazy Drs they don’t know what they are talking about.

    Hugs xoxoxxo
    Michelle, Jasmine, Chief and Angels Sassy, Bosch, Baby Simba and Sweet Snickers

    1. Thank you so much, lovely Michelle. I totally plan to keep kicking butt and proving those silly doctors wrong. Thank you so much for all your love and support. Sending hugs to you and your pack both her and at the bridge ❤️

  3. That’s our Meg. Full of wisdom and go with the flow attitude. Congrats on five years Meg! And I know in spite of all your bluster you realize you have the best Mum EVER! She’s allowed you to live your BEST life with her constant devotion to you! HRH Meg has truly hit the jackpot of life! Love to you both Meg & Clare and Angel Pie too from Auntie Linda

    1. That’s so, so true, Auntie Linda. I am the wisest and most gorgeous MegaStar ever and I always go with the flow and especially if it’s a fast flowing river and especially especially if it’s got my ball in it. Thank you for always reading and commenting. You are the BEST AUNTIE LINDA IN THE WORLD and we love you with all our hearts. Plus Elsie Pie sends special love from the bridge.

  4. Happy/Hoppy Ampuversary MegaSTAR whoo hoo 5 years on three legs!
    Brilliant anytime we get to celebrate these milestones but even better when you have defied all the vet’s HA, Typical Red head move, and you know we LOVE IT!!

    Your fans are still celebrating all across the globe Meg. You tell the PM covid quarantines or government lockdowns well.They do not matter here at tripwads. We have special ways of celebrating & connecting! We got one piece of your merchandise here;)

    We are celebrating you, MegaSTAR! Thanks for the smiles today!!

    Loads of Love & smooches are coming across the pond!
    I hear Miss Pie now hooting and hollering over the interview🥧💫
    From all of us at Purrkins Palace

    1. Thank you so much, Holly and everyone at Purrkins Palace, which is now officially twinned with Pie Palace… I am delighted to see that you stock the full range of 5 years on 3 MegaMerchandise and we have already had orders here at Pie Palace for souvenirs for Purrkins July 5 years on 3 celebrations. Red Heads on Three Unite!!!

      We are so happy that you are celebrating with us and Pie is joining in on both sides of the pond flying back and forth between us on her sturdy Pie shaped wings.

      Love you Holly ❤️

  5. Meg you are truly an inspiration to all. Living life in the moment. Congratulations and we are celebrating with you from across the pond.
    Saxton & Mark

    1. Oh, Mr S and Mark, how sweet of you to drop by and leave a message and we are delighted to know that you are celebrating with us. Sending love across the pond to your little corner of Eden ❤️

  6. Ohhhh Meg!!! You leave me speechless at the depth of your wit, your genius and your brilliant sarcasm when conversing with your Mum
    … doing another jigsaw🤣😂
    …..a superspreader event🤣😂
    …..I can make them smile cos that’s just how I am😊
    …..just be myself and that seems to make everyone happy😊
    …..if you plan too much you tend to miss what’s happening right now👍

    …..milk it……….and that’s six questions 😂🤣😝

    I’m so glad you allowed your Mum to interview you (she’s quite gifted) about YOUR AMPUVERSARY, YOUR five years on YOUR three legs!
    Meg, to think back how you and your Mum found each other, knowing now it was meant to be…det…whatever you want to call it….you would not be denied having her as your hooman! The same with Elsie Pie…the three of you were meant to travel your earth journey at the same time together💖💖💖 And we got to come along for the ride😎 You DEFINITELY lift our spirits! You warm our hearts, you make us smile, you make us laugh out loud, you just make us better and we are so grateful 🙏

    And we love, love, love all the photos your Mum shares with us. They bring us so much delight😁 Your official Five Year Ampuversary portrait could not be more fitting👍

    We love you and your Mum and The Pie 💖
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS……I have no doubt your HRH self WILL be carried up the mountain in Wales by your subjects!👌

    1. You are such a love, Sally. Thank you. We do appreciate all the love and care you put into your reply and your responding so generously and in such detail. It really gives Meg such a thrill to see that her witticisms are appreciated. You should see how puffed up and proud she got reading your message. Even more than usual. I’m sure she’s got it memorised. She keeps on quoting bits back to me You really made her day! Thank you.
      We love you too,
      M,C & AP ❤️

  7. LOL! ROFL! Oh my Meg, I’m so glad I waited until my long work day was over so that I could cherish every single photo and word in your biggest ampuversary celebration yet! THIS MADE MY DAY! Honestly I should have STARTED my day with it but at least now I know for sure I’ll go to bed with a smile on my face.

    I can’t even begin to tell you how awestruck we are every time we think about how far you and your mum have traveled on the long road to five years on three legs. You, my darling Meg-a-Star, are the most inspawrational canine EVER! You have the attitude that we all want as humans, you bring out the best in us by demonstrating that life is meant to be lived no matter what happens along the way.

    HOPPY AMPUVERSARY MEG! May there be a million more good times (and at least that many photos, because we can never get enough of you)!!!

    Love you to the moon beautiful superstar!

    1. This is so kind of you, Rene. Thank you! I’m so pleased you enjoyed Meg’s post but there’s no way we’d possibly have come this far without you and Jerry and this community, and all the advice and support you’ve given us, right from our very first post back in December 2015, asking for advice as we’d been told amputation wasn’t an option.
      We are eternally grateful to you and Jim, Jerry, Wyatt and all the amazing Tripawd Heroes who trod the path before us.
      Love you right back.

  8. As I knew tripawd, so happy to know that some can live quite an enjoyable life on 3 legs!!! 5 years, you are our role model!!! Keep it going!!!

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