A VERY long overdue MEGA update

First things first, it’s Mum’s fault not mine that I haven’t updated my blog for so long. Seriously, I’ve been on and on at her. I’m like, ‘I need the computer, Mum. Come on!’ ‘In a minute, Meg,’ she says, and like nine months later, do you know what I’m saying! I’m like, ‘Mum, I got fans need to know what I’m up to.’ ‘Meg,’ she says. ‘Stop pestering me. I’ll let you have it in a minute.’ I’m like, ‘Whatever!’ Seriously, she got no idea about sharing.

So now I got LOADS to update you on, which mainly I reckon I’ll show you the pics, cos you know how they say like a picture tells a thousand words, and there’s no way I’ll have time to type all that, even with my paw flying so fast it’s like blurrrrr, before she kicks me off again.

First though, just quickly, I got to tell you about my new doctor, which Mum insists on calling her The Three-legged Vet, but I prefer her official title of Personal Physician to the MegaStar. Anyway, she just happened to be covering in our local vets one day when I called in for a health check, and when I come hopping in, she was like really happy, which people usually are to be perfectly honest but turns out there’s more to it, cos she told me and Mum that she used to have a three-legged dog when she was a kid, and in fact that’s why she become a vet cos she wanted her dog to live forever, which she lived to nineteen, which ain’t forever, but you got to agree it ain’t a bad innings neither. And turns out when she was at Vet school she done her dissertation on the gait of three-legged dogs and they give her a distinction for it, and basically her whole career has been one long preparation for the role of personal physician to the MegaStar, so no surprises she was so happy when I come hopping in.

So she’s called Dr Charlotte and now she sees us every three months, and this is my regimen she got me on, in case you’re interested, which Mum says you might be, which I can’t see why except for that’s how it is when you’re a MegaStar, they want to know every detail. This is for my arthritis in my elbow and foot, and I also have acupuncture and laser every two weeks at the moment cos of the cold and damp, which Mum says is bankrupting her and I’m like ‘Well let’s move somewhere warm then.’

So, every day I take:



Paracetamol (Tylenol)


CBD oil

and also Dasuquin and fish oil.

And next month I’ll have been three years on three, and when they said I never could, which just goes to show why a MegaStar needs her own Personal Physician, make sure nobody ain’t never tempted to underestimate her again.
















In November, the MegaStar’s TENTH BIRTHDAY was marked by celebrations across the globe. This was our private one, at home. If you look close, you can see the cake’s got eleven candles. That’s cos my tenth birthday  was also Pie’s eleventh, and we lit one for her, so she was celebrating with us.












So this is how the MegaStar spends her days…

We go for lovely long walks in the forest…

And I check out the squirrels…

Before going for a swim…

If it’s nice, I’ll relax for a while on a bench…

Then home for a snooze by the fire…

I like to keep the MegaBrain active, so Mum gave me a Dog Sudoku for Christmas. I’m like ‘Dog Sudoku? DOG Sudoku???!!! What other sort of Sudoku is there!’

Mostly Mum listens to what I tell her

Don’t be cheeky, Meg, she says.

But I know she loves me really, cos who could resist!

On Saturday, it will be a whole year since Pie left us. Sometimes, when I’m missing her really badly, I lie with my head on Pie’s gorilla. It still smells of her, and if I listen really hard I can hear her talking to me. Mum says I’m imagining it, but I’m not.

So now I better go before Mum starts on at me for hogging the computer. I wouldn’t put it past her, seriously. And I bet she blames me as well, just saying, for how long it’s been since I last updated, I bet she does, do you know what I’m saying, well at least you know th…. alright, I’m stopping now… I AM!… ALRIGHT!!!

15 thoughts on “A VERY long overdue MEGA update”

  1. Well Meg it looks like the Megastar life is going well! Wow your very own physician? I hope she truly realizes the honor of caring for “the Megastar”! As you said it’s the culmination of what she’s been working for in her career! And a belated Happy Birthday to both you and Angel Pie. So sweet of you to share your Birthday cake with her ❤️ I know you miss your bfff a lot…..we all do. I’ve been thinking of her a lot lately as we her 1 year Angelversary gets ever nearer. But her legacy lives on in all our hearts forever. Love love love all the amazing pictures you’ve shared. Makes me feel I’m right there with you living life large. Don’t know how you do it Meg but age has only increased your photogenic beauty. Much love and many hugs to you sweet girl, to your Mom and always of course to our Angel Pie! Love you all!

    1. Thank you, Auntie Linda. I think the honour of caring for the MegaStar is quite a lot for anyone to be able to process, but I think perhaps it’s beginning to sink in…
      And you ARE living right here with us in our hearts, just as Pie is.
      Love Meg xxx

  2. Meg, I am so glad you finally stole the computer from your Mum. You have had a busy 9 months and a Happy Belated Birthday. I know Pie was there celebrating yours and her birthday. It was a special thing you did for her.

    I love all of these pictures you are so beautiful and each one of these pictures captures you being you. Even being cheeky to your mom.

    Don’t let your mom hog the computer and keep us updated a little more. We sure miss you and all your shenanigans.
    Much love to you, your Mom and Angel Pie. Love you

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I will try. I don’t know what you mean about being cheeky. I would NEVER be cheeky to anyone ever, or only a tiny bit…
      Lots of love from
      Meg xxx

  3. MISS MEG!! 😘😘😘🌟
    Of course, you have your own personal Physician typical MegasStar style and her mission helping three-legged animals talk about hopping into your meant to be physician. Mum & your special docs will make sure you are skipping into old age in style.

    Mark and I both got a chuckle on the bankrupting acupuncture sessions yep we know taking care of you furry ones & on three yep we agree with Mum it ain’t cheap Meg;) We do it cause you are worth every single buck! Yep, you guys come first. And for the record, it doesn’t matter if it is cold or not K;)

    Love this update and all the photos it is hard to believe Miss Pie has been up in the sky a year I know you all miss her, and we know you can hear her Meg. I can hear her if I shut my eyes! She lives on thru all of us. Tell her we said hello and miss her. Tell the gorilla Meg K?

    I can’t believe we missed your bday I will have to investigate the date now;) so we don’t lose another one. Happy 9th belated birthday Meg & Miss Pie! I know that number scares your Mum but that’s not how the Megastar roll’s!!!

    I love you added a candle Miss Pie helped blow them out and had a few barks to say no doubt. Keeping that mega brain active hehe poor Mum love the new game!

    Good to see your beautiful self and to know you and Mum are doing well and up to the usual MegaStar life. Just in case Mum hogs the computer we wish you an early Happy Hoppy Ampuversary! Purrkins hits the same this July 3 on 3 I think that’s even more special, isn’t it? The 2 threes and the 2 redheads;) climbing things they have no business climbing;) Yea

    You showed them docs alright you can’t keep a MegaStar with a Megabrain down!

    Ruv you! Have Mum give you smooches from us K.
    Give Mum a kiss too!
    Loads of love!!

    1. Thanks Holly and Purrkins. I knew you’d believe me I can hear Pie. I can’t believe Mum can’t, to be honest. I told the gorilla what you said and I heard three barks back in Pie’s own voice , which let’s face it is unmistakeable. Three years on three on July 3rd for my favourite redhead is pretty amazing. I’m sure you’re planning a grand PURRTY. Haha your see what I did?!
      Lots of love, your friend Meg xxx

  4. There you are Meg! We have missed you and are pleased as Pie to see that you are receiving the royal treatment you so deserve (and then some!).

    Your pain management regimen sounds a lot like Wyatt’s. It’s all about maintenance right? I was trying to explain that to a new member the other day, who didn’t like the idea of giving pain pills to a dog before they “need it.” Like you, Wyatt’s daily dose keeps him from the owies and ouches of being a three legged hero.

    Well hoppy belated birthday gorgeous, and a big big hug to you and your mum for Pie’s Angelversary. I totally believe that she is still by your side, how could anyone ever leave you my friend?

    Love you lots. Keep in touch.

    1. Thanks, Rene, and I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve missed you too. Yeah, my pain meds seem to be working well. The Amantadine is quite a recent addition, and it’s proving very effective. The only thing is they don’t make capsules small enough for my sweet petite self, so Mum has to give me half a capsule, and it’s REALLY bitter, even in paté, so now Mum gets empty capsules, pours half in and seals them, which she says is a faff, but worth it (obviously) for me. The other option is to give me loads of treats so I get big enough to take a whole capsule. I did suggest this, but like so many of my great ideas, it seemed to fall on deaf ears. Please give handsome Wyatt a kiss from me.
      Love Meg xxx

  5. Hoppy Ampuversary Meg! And Happy Birthday! I so love watching all of your wonderful adventures! You and your mum have some wonderful times together. We’re also still missing Pie, it’s so hard to believe it’s been a whole year since she left. I know she’s running around with Cassie, Murphy, Nitro, Aissa & the rest of our crew <3
    Love you!

    1. Hi Donna, yes I’m sure she is. It’s like the Virginia Tripawds pawty, only just for the Angels, and I bet Pie’s bossing everyone around and eating all the cake…
      We love you too!
      Love, Meg xxx

  6. MEG-A-STAR!!!!! I am so sorry your Mum has been hogging your computer! Your frustration level must be off the charts!

    Just know rhis. Even though it seems like years since we last head from you, it’s been well worth the wait! I know I speak for all your fans, catching up on your adventures and seeing your photographic chronicles of them, makes us all sooooo happy!!!

    You have the most delightful flair for speaking your mind and for telling us what’s been going on in your life with such creative BRILLIANCE!!!

    I know uour Mum kinda’ “dabbles” in the field of writing. Well, I just want you to know you sure could teach her a lot about writing and how to hold the reader’s interest!! Of course, in fairness to your Mum, your life is so full of adventure and fun and mischief, you always have a lot to write about. Not saying your Mum’s life isn’t as exciting…..or am I? I mean, you are a STAR, a Meg-A-Star!!!

    I’m glad you got to share your birthday with Elsie Pie. And I’m sure Elsie Pie enjoyed celebrating with you both. She would have been really, really piffed off if you had that cake all to yourself!! Of course, she has cake and ice cream after breakfast….after lunch…and after dinner every si goe dat at the Bridge! And her nighttime snack? Yep, ice cream and cake!! Jer toothpaste? Yep, CHOCOLATE icream flavored 😎

    We do have to give your Mum for taking THE best photos evvvver of uour cheeky, Einstein brain, , Olympic Swimmer self!! I know, I know, with a subject like you, every picture is brilliant masterpiece!!! How could it not be??

    I love that you have your own Personal Physician who trained all her life for that honorable role!!

    Meg, you DO know you have the best life a dog could ever have, right?? Yes, yes, I know, deservedly so! But still, it sure didn’t start off that way. You knew what you were doing when you picked your Mum as your companion that day the man handed you off to her.

    And I mean this, we are ALL so positively impacted by having uou, your Mum and the Pie in our lives!!!! Your hooman is one of the most giving and compassionate Souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.❤ And being able to travel with you and Pie on our earthly journeys jad TRULY been some of the most fun we’ve ever had!! You veing us soooo much jou, so much laughter….can’t even describe the bright light you ALL have brought into our lives😊

    We understand you aren’t able to update as often as you like because yoi don’t have your own computer, so no worries, okay?? As I said before, it was well worth the wait!
    Shhh…….a little surprise for you. Don’t tell your Mum I told you, okay? But come May, you’ll have the computer all to yourself for a week or two!!!

    Sending love always!!❤

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  7. Forgive me for totally missing this, and being late to the pawty! It was so good to see what you and your mum have been up to. What an awesome new Megastar doctor you have. My “senior” Kodi is on many of the same meds you are, as well as getting chiropractic and acupuncture too; he also has a 3-wheeled chariot, but not as grand as yours. (Don’t tell him, but he’s NOT a MEGASTAR).

    I love all the pics of you, your mom is great with a camera, but how could she not be with a canvas as gorgeous as you? Keep up the great work, Meg (and Mum)

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

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