The MegaStar goes to Scotland

‘Meg,’ says Mum, one day, like out of the blue, ‘Do you fancy a holiday?’ ‘Course,’ I said, like stupid question. ‘Course I fancy a holiday…’ ‘Well,’ she says, ‘guess what, your Auntie Lisa has invited us up to Scotland.’ ‘Scotland! I said, and I’m like, ‘Whereabouts…’ but before I can finish, ‘It’s up North above England,’ she says, which is like the most patronisingist thing ever, and that’s saying something I’m telling you. ‘I know where Scotland is,’ I said. ‘ I was asking whereabouts in Scotland, like Edinburgh, or Inverness or the Hebrides or where…’ and I rolled my eyes, cause everyone knows I’m far better at geography than she is, like millions gazillions better; she can’t even find the front door half the time.  ‘Glasgow,’ she says, ‘which is where Lisa lives, and then we’re all going to go to the Isle of Bute, which is where Auntie Lisa comes from.’ ‘You going to explain what an isle is?’ I said, but I couldn’t keep the hump up long cause I was too excited about our holiday.

We left very early cos Glasgow is a long way to drive, but it was fun cos we got to stop at lots of service stations, and I love service stations:

When we got to Glasgow, I found the buildings were all built of sandstone, which is red like me.

Auntie Lisa had cooked a roast chicken dinner to welcome us, and I got to sit at the table and everything:

Next day we went to Loch Lomond, and I had the best time ever.

Here I am, swimming in the loch:

Are you looking Mum?

Loch Lomond was fab. I did loads of playing:

Just once I got a bit sad because of how much Pie would have loved it there, and this was our first holiday without her. Mum knew I was sad. Just listen, she said, can’t you hear her voice in the wind?

And then she gave me cuddles

And I taught Auntie Lisa how to throw my bally just the way I like it:

I was quite tired by the time we got back to Glasgow, and Mum says I’m never tired, or hardly ever:

Next day we went to the Isle of Bute. We missed the ferry:

But that was okay, cos there was another one.

This is me on the ferry:

I’d never been on a ferry before, and Mum said I was “surprisingly good”, which is a backhanded compliment if ever I heard one, but a compliment’s a compliment, I’ll take it…

The Isle of Bute was beautiful.

I did more swimming:

And I went to a ruined chapel, which was nearly 1000 years old:

On our last day in Glasgow, we went to the Clyde, and walked along past the old shipyards. I felt like Queen Meg in my chariot:

It was the best holiday except for it was too short. I couldn’t hardly believe it when Mum said we had to go home next morning. But we only just got here! I said.

And then we drove all the way back home and it took even longer than on the way cos Mum got lost. Her geography, uh-oh, I’m telling you…



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  1. Wow Meg you had a really good vacation. I know it was hard to have a vacation without Pie there. She was with you. Just couldn’t see her but your mom was right she was there in the wind 🙂

    Looks like you took in a few sites. One day I will get to visit some where like the UK and Scottland.

    I could really see the Rottie in you in these pictures

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    1. I really hope you will come and see us, Michelle. We would LOVE that, and maybe you can give Mum some tips on how to handle spoil a Rottie properly… ❤️

    1. Thank you, Lisa. Yes, Scotland is the land of the redheads, so I had a feeling I’d fit in. Now I want to go back for longer… ❤️

  2. Meg, I have to talk to your Mum one minute!
    I love the new header OMC I will have to show you we worked on one for Purrkins too how funny..

    Oh, Meg, you & Mum had a fabulous trip. Your so lucky you are good at geography I had to look up where it was you were going for your howliday!

    Your Auntie Lisa sure spoiled you didn’t she? Roast chicken and sitting at the table! Learning to throw your ball just right! Showing you the sites and the water she knows how to treat the Megastar!

    These pictures Mum took are fantastic of you, and your Auntie Lisa took some treasure photos of you & Mom together!! I believe I have new favorites of the Megastar.

    Thanks for sharing your trip Meg WOW! I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a spectacular fun-filled trip than you two! I know Miss Pie came along in spirit I think I could even hear her talking in the background! Remember Meg all’s you have to do is think of Miss Pie and she is right there ok!

    I know it’s not the same, but yes she lives on in you, your Mum & everyone who loves her. That’s us too!

    Sending lots of love across the sea to you both!
    Holly, Mark, Purrkins & a feeling much better Saxton 😉 ❤️❌⭕️❤️

    1. Mum says you and her are  👯‍♀️ Auntie Lisa definitely knows how to treat a MegaStar and Mum could take some tips from her, frankly.
      Can’t wait to see the Purrkins header. That cat is my feline-soul-brother. I was saying to Mum, seeing as I was so good on the ferry, why can’t we take a ferry to go and see Purrkins, and she said it’s a lot further, which I knew obviously, do you know what I’m saying, but still why not, same difference. I’m going to start a campaign…

  3. Oh my! What a glorious holiday you and Mum had Meg! Scotland looks gloriously beautiful and it had to be good for both of you to do that get-a-way! Auntie Lisa surely showed you and Mum a wonderfully good time! And you know what Meg? Not only was Pie with you and Mum you have a couple of pictures here where she’s in the picture with you! Go back and look at the picture where you’re by the rocks. See that little shiny dot across the shore by the rocks? That’s Pie! And the following picture has her too where she followed you to shore! Yup the little bright orb by the shore was her too! So not only was she with you she showed she was there! Cameras don’t lie….proofs right there! Because frankly I was going all misty eyed myself missing Pie and then I said to myself go back and look for Pie…and sure enough there she was. ❤️ All these glorious photos show us why “you” are deemed the Megastar! You are simply the most photogenic
    Girl dog EVER! I mean really how many girl dogs can pull off that “just out of the water looking fab” look? Only our Megastar that’s it! So glad you and Mum were able to go to Scotland! Looks like it truly was a wonderful and magical trip! Love you both and Angel Pie too! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Oh I am so pleased you could see Pie with us. Mum got a bit upset doing the pics because they used to be of both of us, but now they are all of me, except they’re not. You’re right. Pie was there all along. And I can still smell her too, of course, and I can still hear her shouting for me to stop swimming so we can go home and have some breakfast. When it was hot, Mum used to scatter biscuits in the water, so Pie would wade in to get them and cool off. Most probably she was hoping Mum would scatter some for her. I’ll be sure to remind her to next time ❤️

  4. Meg-our-Star!

    You are such a lucky girl! I feel like I was there with you on your holiday, brilliant pictures!! I had no idea you were a ‘Humper’ ?!! Is that kinda like ‘Jumper’!! 😉

    And you got to stop at lots of Service Stations?!? I used to LOVE stopping at the Service Stations too Meg!! We used to always get a packet of crisps and Dad would always get a tin of Travel Sweets! Oh the memories Meg! Thank you!

    I do Ruv your Auntie Lisa… letting you sit at the table… I roared when I saw that!! Brilliant!! I was drooling over those bloody lovely looking Yorkshire Puddings! I’m Ruvin’ your Auntie even more!!! I bet she gives great cuddles too!

    I am sorry you had to have this FIRST holiday without your Elsie Pie, the FIRSTS are always the hardest. You know that she was definitely with you in spirit and such a beautiful voice on the wind!

    Oh Meg-a-Queen! The travels in your chariot… my gongases! Who ruined that chapel! You’d think after a 1000 years they would fix it! 😉 Hehehe!

    And now I’m going to put on my pawsh British accent… HhhhHhmmmm…
    I did not realize that they had a British Broadcasting Company in good auld Scotland?! Fascinating! 😉

    I’m glad you and Mum got home eventually! I know, us Hoomans’ noses are too close too our faces. We can’t smell for lookin’! 😉

    Fantastic pictures Clare! Thank you so much for sharing your holiday with us! Scotland is on my bucket list some day!

    All the very best to you and our darling Meg-a-Star lots of hugs coming your way and super special Spirit Kisses to Elsie Pie in the Sky!

    Petra, Paul, Snoozin’ Stewie, Senor Spike, Chillin’ Chessie, Pretty Miss Lily and last, but definitely not the smallest, Talkative Ted 😉

  5. Oh what an amazing adventure!!! That looks like something Jasper and I would love to do. Except the swimming … Jasper is not quite the water dog you are!

    Those photos are beyond stunning… what beautiful country and nature … all that nature. And so peaceful and serene. I could just see myself relaxing there. Not a care in the world.

    I know you miss Pie …we all miss her dearly!!! She would have loved it and would have loved to sit at the table as well. But she was 100% there in spirit!!!

    Thank you for sharing your adventure with us … I’ll add Scotland to my bucket list! I am part Scottish after all. Should go see where my family came from.

    Alison with Spirit Shelby in her heart (and little Jasper too)

  6. Wowwweee! I feel like I was there with you Meg. And I have no doubt that Pie was along for the ride too. What magic! What beautiful scenery! And you, the loveliest of all.

    Thank you for the great travel photos and descriptions. I hope some day we get to visit Scotland. Will you be our tour guide?

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