Do I Look Like I’m Not Coping?


My 6½ month ampuversary portrait

So this is my official 6½ month ampuversary portrait. My six month ampuversary was two weeks ago and I enjoyed it so much I decided to celebrate my half month ampuversaries too. That way you get double. I love celebrations. Right now I’m celebrating Autumn too. Autumn is definitely Meg season. Mum says I’m the colour of Autumn leaves, like Autumn leaves after a long hot Summer, that’s what she says and she gets all misty eyed and I’m like cringe.

The good thing about being the colour of Autumn leaves is the squirrels can’t see you coming. I love squirrels. I’m definitely celebrating squirrels. In fact, here’s a pic of me doing just that. There aren’t many leaves yet, cos it’s only just Autumn but there will be soon and everything will just keep getting better and better.img_2343

Me celebrating squirrels

So anyway, what I wanted to say, which it’s hard to keep track of what with all the celebrating, is that 18 months ago this specialist vet with lots of letters after his name, told Mum there was no way I could cope on three legs. No way, he said. It’s not an option. And he was very definite about it. And the thing is Mum very nearly believed him. I didn’t, not for a second, but Mum very nearly did. So what I wanted to say is just think if she had, all the celebrating I’d of missed out on! And it just goes to show, that’s all I’m saying, it just goes to show, cos seriously, do I look like I’m not coping?

11 thoughts on “Do I Look Like I’m Not Coping?”

  1. Oh Meg! You are a MEG-A-STAR indeed! You are a ROCK STAR, a shining STAR OF HOPE!!

    As usual, your posts have me grinning ear to ear and filling my heart with so much joy! 🙂

    You make Autumn look even more beautiful!! You are such a pretty girl!

    Warning to Squirrels: RUN!! RUN!! Looks like Meg will be celebrating each AMPUVERSARY WEEK by chasing you!!

    HAPPY SIX .ONTH AND TWO WEEK AMPUVERSARY MEG!!! We love celebrating with you…And we love YOU!!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. We love you too, Sally. We love YOU. Your responses always make us happy, and you were one of the people who encouraged Mum when she didn’t know what to do. So all that joy you’re talking about, you had a hand in making it happen. You know what I’m saying?
      Love Meg xxx

  2. LOL about squirrels here for dogs!!! Jasper feels the same way about them.

    BUT seriously… you’re beautiful and definitely have fall coloring … Happy celebrations. Here’s to many, many more!!!

    Alison with spirit shelby in her heart (and little jasper too)

    1. Thank you, Alison. I have LOTS more celebrations planned. I had to ask Mum what Fall meant. I thought you meant like falling over, which as you know been there done that, but she explained and now I know.
      Love Meg xxx

  3. Looks like you are coping just great 🙂 Get those pesky squirrels around here its pesky rabbits that tease my furbabies.
    Happy 6 month ampuversary and many more

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    1. Aw thank you, Michelle. I plan to get lots of pesky squirrels. Last year I couldn’t run around and keep them in order, so they’ve got really full of themselves. I’ll show them. Go get those rabbits!
      Love Meg xxx

  4. Meg, I’d say you’d kope much bettur if purhaps one uf thoze squurrlz wud come down frum that tree! U r beeyuuutiful! I’m redy to celubrayt my 10 munf ampoovursaree! Any suggestuns on how to celebrayt?

  5. Hello my friend Gizmo!!!
    Your ten month ampuversary definitely calls for the biggest celebration ever. This is very important. I think you should have ten of everything. Ten steaks for breakfast, ten super-cuddles (as opposed to the regular cuddles you get all the time anyway), ten birthday cakes with ten candles on each and so on. The only thing is that if you can’t eat everything you shouldn’t share it with ten friends because that would be silly, you should share it with one, and that one friend should be ME.
    Have a fabulous celebration!
    Lots of love from your friend Meg xxx
    PS Did I mention I love your ears?

  6. Meg, you are living proof that second opinions make ALL the difference! I mean, what would the squirrels do without you? What a boring place this world would be for them.

    As the fall unfolds and you get to enjoy another beautiful autumn, we celebrate all that you’ve conquered and now all that you do to show others that there is always hope, even when a guy with a lot of letters after his name says there isn’t.

    3 paws up to you, baby!

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