Mum says I’m doing her head in. This is hurtful and unfair. Is it my fault if I can’t go for walks at the moment cos of my shoulder? ‘For Dog sake, Meg!’  she said. ‘It’s not my job to amuse you 24/7!’ When actually that is precisely her job, word for word pretty much, straight from the job description. ‘I’ve got to work, Meg!’ she said. ‘We’ve got bills to pay!’ – an unsubtle and frankly uncalled for reference to the fact we are up to our ears in debt after almost a year trying to save my leg and then finally having it taken off – my fault as well I suppose.

It’s not like I’m not trying. I’ve done puzzlesIMG_2256

And more puzzlesIMG_2326

And Kongs, as wellIMG_2305

I’ve done my best to keep myself entertainedIMG_1868

And I’ve even sat quietly for like ten minutes admiring the sceneryIMG_2306

Elsie’s about as much fun as a jigsaw. I’m like ‘Talk to me, Elsie! Let’s play a game.’ Zero response. I mean zero._1010394

And this is the most exciting thing that has happened in like FOREVER!IMG_2288


I said to Mum, ‘How much longer till I can go for a walk and swim and stuff?’ ‘I don’t know, Meg!’ she said. ‘I don’t know! But pestering me all day non stop is not going to make it happen any quicker!’ So much for sympathy. ‘Can’t you just go and read a book or something?’ she said, when she knows I hate reading more than anything, always have. So I thought instead I’d maybe post something on here, see if any o’ you fellow Tripawds got any ideas.

14 thoughts on “BOOOORRRRING!!!”

  1. Oh boy! I think you’re going to get yourself in trouble Meg! Those puzzles sure look like fun 🙂 Murphy just looks at me like I’m crazy when I hide treats lol. You just keep on healing and pretty soon you can run wherever you want!

    1. I’m always in trouble, Donna. I’m used to it *sighs* I’m doing my best to heal, I really honestly am, but I’m just so booooored.
      Love to Murphy. He’s very good looking. In fact I think he looks a bit like me.
      Meg x

  2. lol … I love your blog!!! Poor Meg! I feel your pain on the boredom… Jasper .. the quad-pawd was giving me the stink eye when I left for work today after being home with her for 4 days. I tried to tell her I had to work to pay for her toys, her lifestyle, her vacations … she was having none of it!

    Alison with Spirit Shelby in her heart (and little Jasper too)

    1. And quite right too. That Jasper sounds like my sort of girl. I think we should hang out together, except I looked up California and it’s a long way to swim even for a super-swimmer like me, especially as I’m not allowed to practise. Grrrr.

  3. Ohhh Meg!!!! Here we go again, laughing at yiur expense!!! 🙂

    I’m so sorry your Mum is trying to put such a guilt trip on you! She clearly understood her job description when you decided to grace her with your presence years ago! I think you might need to suggest she just may have to get a second job because you need more toys whike your shoulder is recovering!! Telling you to read a book?? Are you kidding? That was just plain rude and disrespectful!

    Oh Meg, thanks so much for the smiles today! We love you!

    Give sweet Elsie AND your Frog a smooch on the lios for me!

    Lots of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Thanks for seeing my side of it, Sally. At least I get some sympathy on here. Sometimes I feel like nobody understands what I have to put up with.
      Lots of love to you too,
      Meg xx

  4. Well Meg I’ve gotta say I’m on your side here. The pictures clearly show you trying to amuse your beautiful self so I don’t know what mom is even talking about! Elsie could be a bit more interactive truly but maybe she’s just having an “off” day. Well anyways good things come to those that wait and I’m pretty sure with all the waiting that you’re doing you’ve got a truckload of good things coming your way soon! We are all really really enjoying your blogs!

    1. Exactly! Thank you for taking my side. Nobody round here does. I am definitely the most misunderstood and unappreciated dog ever in the whole world EVER.
      Meg xx

  5. Meg, hav u got any slippurz that need sum nibbling? I fynd that cottun/poleeestur blendz r quyte tastee. Purhaps if u wash it down wif watur from the toylet? Alwayz a favurite way to pass the tyme. 🙂

  6. Hi! HiHiHiHiHi!!!
    I’m Mikey! I’ve been a tripawd for uhhhhh, Mom says it has been over three months. And that I’m almost 7 months old.
    Sometimes I REALLY REALLY want to run all over the place!! When I do, I ache a lot that night. It is SO WEIRD!! IT happens like EVERY TIME!!
    Sometimes Mom & Dad MAKE me slow down. Actually they try doing it more than I cooperate. Hehehe.
    Anyway, sometimes when Mom washes all the good parts off the dishes and other stuff she calls “cleaning”, like finding a treat I missed and throwing it away…☹️ She’ll sing to me. Sometimes she calls me a savage beast. I do NOT know why! I am not savage or a beast. But I do like the singing.
    Dad sings to me too. Actually he sings better. He sings a song he says is about a dragon and a misty mountain. Now THAT is a savage beast. Mom gets confused a lot.
    Anyway, maybe your mom could sing to you. Even if she isn’t very good, it still makes you feel loved.
    My first three months were pretty awful, but I almost don’t remember them now. I get lots of love, and when I can’t scratch a spot, Mom or Dad notice and scratch it for me. They tell me I’m beautiful and smart and that they love me. And I get to live INSIDE!! For a guy in a black coat, in a place that gets really hot, this is a very important thing!
    So, I hope you feel better soon! Maybe we could catch frogs together when you do!

    1. I’d LOVE to catch frogs with you, Mikey, I would. You sound a lot more fun than Elsie. I know what you mean about your black coat. I have a red coat but we have a black car and it gets very hot in there. About the singing… Mum does sing to me and it’s like SO embarrassing. She makes up songs about me, stupid songs, and she sings them and sometimes she dances as well and I’m just like staring at her. I’m quite surprised you like it, to be honest, I think maybe because you’re still a baby (no disrespect), so you love all that stuff, but seriously Mikey…
      Love Meg xxx

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