Obviously, as a Megastar, I’ve always taken a pride in my figure, but I know as a Tripawd, it’s especially important to stay on the skinny side. So…. it gives me great pleasure to announce that since losing my leg six months ago, I have lost a total of….. (drumroll)…. 4 whole kilos!!! (that’s 8.8 lbs, for you American pawds).

At the time of my op, I was 18.9 kilos (41.5 lbs), and at my latest weigh in, I’m 14.9 kilos (32.8 lbs) and no I wasn’t leaning against the wall (I only tried that once, okay, so just stop going on about it…).

We celebrated with a trip to the beach, so I could show off my new figure. Look at me, all glam!_1010407


And here’s a nice pic of me from the side. Bit of a moody model shot…IMG_1999

You could take a few tips, Hey Elsie?IMG_2996

9 thoughts on “Meg-a-Skinny!!!”

  1. That’s great! Controlling weight is super important for Tripawds like Meg, who have their whole life ahead of them! But, hard to do since we all suffer from overwhelming urges to throw treats, cheeseburgers, ice cream, etc. at our Tripawds. (Or was the ice cream supposed to be for me?)

  2. Thanks, Christine! Yes, Else and Meg LOVE ice cream. They’ve recently discovered mango sorbet and that got a big paws up as well. Meg has severe dysplasia in her remaining elbow, as well as arthritis, which is why amputation was very much a last resort (we were actually told it wasn’t possible for her) and why it’s crucial to keep her super skinny.

  3. WHOOOOHOOO! Omg look out Doggy Vogue Magazine, here comes Meg down the runway!

    All that weight loss is going to be soo good for her arthritis. I’m so proud of you.

    Congrats to you both, that is such an awesome gift to give to any dog but especially a Tripawd. Clare, you are a wonderful dog mom!

    1. Awww! Thank you. I must admit, I did think after she lost her leg that this was probably the single most important thing I could help her with. She’s always been a naturally slender dog and was actually quite severely underweight when I first got her. She’s a high adrenalin kind of a girl with super fast metabolism, and also extremely active, or she was. I used to have to feed her double the recommended amount of food just to keep the weight on.

      The problems with her elbow meant that her exercise was severely restricted for almost a year (much of it just potty walks) and she was actually in hospital for more than two months, so over that year she did put on a bit.

      So once she lost her leg (that must have been a couple of pounds!), we set out to lose it and I found it quite strange to be getting her to try and lose weight rather than put it on. Her metabolism has definitely slowed and she’s also obviously less active (she used to walk three hours a day), though she does swim every day and we also do a hell of a lot of physio, so I think she’s quite strong, and muscle burns, doesn’t it?

      I cut back her food, feeding her to just below the weight we were aiming at (15 kilos), and I was very strict about it. She was seeing a rehab vet every week, and she continues to see her every fortnight so she has very regular weigh-ins. The rehab vet is thin as a whip and quite scary (she’s also excellent; I’m being slightly tongue in cheek), so that’s pretty motivating. She lost steadily but then her weight plateaued and the rehab vet suggested switching her food from Orijen six fish, which she was on (accompanied by momma’s homemade stew) to new special order combined food for both joint support and satiety (accompanied by momma’s homemade stew, only don’t tell the rehab vet…). This food, made by Royal Canin, made a tremendous difference, as I was now feeding her more than double the quantity I had before (which made for a much more satisfied Meg) and the weight was falling off.

      So that’s where we are. If she keeps on losing, we’ll have to increase the quantity, or maybe just go for a joint support without the satiety.

  4. Well you look amazing my dear!!! Great job! And did you lose the weight? I have a quadpawd that is carrying some extra ‘holiday’ weight!

    Great job!!!
    alison with spirit shelby in her heart

    1. I did indeed, Alison! Every last ounce. Now I need to be careful, a girl can take that waif look too far!

  5. You are a Super Star runway model Meg!!!! You can definitely be a swimsuit model!!! You know how to work the camera, that’s for sure!

    And make sure when all those skinny rehab vets take in to account that all your beautiful fur weighs a lot! đŸ™‚

    And Elsie, pictures of you just crack me up!! And I mean that in the best way!!

    Thanks for the smiles!!!!

    Love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Lots more Elsie pics coming, I promise (I don’t need much encouragement…) She cracks me up too. There’s just something about her. I’m glad it comes through in the photos.
      C&M xx

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