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My life as a MEG-A-STAR

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My life as a MEG-A-STAR

Mum Stole my Blog!

November 8th, 2017 · 19 Comments · Uncategorized

It’s not like I’m bothered, right, I’m just saying. I mean, the clue’s in the title: My life as a MEG-A-STAR. Is Mum a MegaStar? She is not. Is Else a MegaStar? What do you think? And then, right, not only does Mum “borrow” my blog, without even asking (seriously), but all she does is go on about Elsie, like the whole world doesn’t know already it’s Elsie’s 10th birthday, yeah big deal. And she never hardly mentions me at all* , and actually I’d just like to point out that it was actually my birthday too, actually, my official one, which I share with Elsie, cos no one knows when I was born, not that it makes any difference cos nobody gives a damn, clearly. It’s not like I’m bothered, but I was 9 yesterday, and I’m just saying 9 is much better than 10, objectively speaking, it’s just a much nicer number, compact and with better curves.

Honestly, you’d think the world had stopped turning for Elsie Pie’s 10th birthday (yawn!). And in case you were wondering, really it didn’t, and there’s been loads of other stuff happening like the sugar beet harvest, and rabbits in the garden, and other stuff too, which I’ll tell you about, and like yesterday, right, Mum even let Elsie wear Billie’s collar, which is this very special handmade collar – black velvet with all pearls sewn on – which our Auntie Juliet made for Billie’s 10th birthday, and no-one’s ever worn it since, cos then Billie died, and do you know what I’m saying, it’s not like I’m bothered, it’s just I’m the MegaStar, right?

*and what she does say isn’t even accurate. ‘Mextrovert’ Is that even a word? ‘Behavioural issues’??? Well they certainly weren’t mine!

Here’s the evidence. I’m just saying, like, objectively speaking, black velvet would look better against red.



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  • Purrkins

    Oh Meg Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!! You know your are a STAR and Miss Elsie pie is your side kick, Mom just wanted to shine the light on Miss pie, you after all have made the newspaper and have a blog, you go on Facebook and Twitter you are known globally you have swam the Atlantic remember ?;)

    I bet you didn’t know you were on facebooger yesterday not Miss Pie so see you still go your way;) You are the Megastar after all and Miss Elsie Pie is the Pie! You get many celebrations you have a ampuversary day, a gotcha day & birthday many more celebrations where the spotlight is on you;)

    Miss Pie deserves her day in the spotlight too! Just saying Meg! One day isn’t so bad is it?

    See your back and set the record straight & let us know it was your birthday too! Mom could of snuck that in just saying;) But then you know what Miss Pie would not have had the lights shown on just her. You know how that works ! I am glad your not too bent out of shape after all that is what sisters do they have a tizzy and get over it!

    Hoppy Birthday to you
    Hoppy Birthday to you
    Hoppy Birthday Dear Megastar
    Happy Birthday to you!! & many many more!! 🎂🎈🍦🎊🎉

    I like the shape of your number 9 too Meg and single digits are great you know why that means YOUR younger;) As for Billies beautiful collar maybe Mom will allow you to try it on for your 10 th Birthday or sooner? Just ask Mum and see what she say’s ! Stars like you should wear the pearls for a day or for a hour just to get a beautiful picture to post worldwide! Don’t you think?
    You have to promise not to roll in the dirt to capture some memories ok? Promise Mum !

    Today we are celebrating the Megastars Birthday ! Better late then never right and you know what else that means everyone is baking more cake today and eating it in you honor!!
    Now we will all fail our weigh ins;) just saying but we are going to have a little cake !

    We love you Megastar!! Today is about YOU OK?

    Maybe you could roll in the dirt today and make a beautiful memory;)

    Love to all!! ❤️

    • megstamum

      Thank you, Holly. I knew you’d understand, and though you’re far too polite to say so, I know how OUTRAGED you are on my behalf and I don’t blame you at all because it WAS outrageous. Thank you for celebrating with me. At least I know I can always count on my Tripawds family. Love Meg xxx

  • Michelle

    awww Meg we all love you. How could we not??? I know I do. We celebrate Meg everyday. 🙂 Look at your lovely face. Just a short mention though. Elsie Pie you do look lovely in Billie’s collar.
    Meg you look beautiful at the sugarbeat festival.

    We love you
    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    • megstamum

      I agree Elsie Pie looks okay (ish), I’m just saying I’d look better, that’s all. I’m very pleased you celebrate me every day, Michelle. That’s what I do too. Love Meg xxx

  • linda8115

    Well here’s the deal Meg. You are and will always be the Megastar! Your light shines bright ain’t no doubt about it! Now you have to admit (now think about it very seriously Meg) a 10th birthday is really a pretty big deal. However curvy your 9 may be and I admit it’s beautifully curvy just like you, 10 is a whole extra number. 10 two numbers! So yea 10 is a pretty big deal. Now I’m sure you can see your way clear to let your friend, your bff’s friend Elsie Pie take her one special day in the spotlight can’t you girl? I know your hearts big enough! And you usually do make mostly good choices. What’s that? Was that a “I S’pose”? Well done Miss Meg well done! I’m betting next year when you turn 10 (two numbers) Mom may well let you wear the very special Billie’s collar too! You’re right it will look stunning on you too! So Happy Birthday also to our one and only Megastar! Hugs and kisses from Auntie Linda!

    • megstamum

      Hmmm, I s’pose…
      Love Meg xxx
      PS Love you Auntie Linda, you always bring out the best in me and help me see what’s the right thing to do.

  • jerry

    Meg you are the shiniest, brightest most sparkly Meg-a-Star there ever was, is or will be! Yes my love, you outshine everypawdy, it doesn’t even need to be stated. It’s a fact!

    HOPPY BIRTHDAY sweet, gorgeous nine-years-young darling. We will celebrate your birthday longer and better than anyone else’s ever!

    Do tell about the rabbits and the sugar beets and all the fun you’ve been having. I know you have some great stories to share with us!

    • megstamum

      Aww, thank you Rene. It’s so good to feel appreciated! I am a very bright star, aren’t I! Yes, I am. It’s a fact.
      Lots of love, Meg xxx

  • benny55

    She srole your blog!!! Then Elsie Pie got to wear Billie’s special collar???? OMD!! I would not have believed it except that I saw it with my own eyes!!

    It would seem like your Mum has gone a bit overboard with this birthday thing for Elsie Pie!

    You have to look at it this way. It’s just real simple. Elsie Pie is….err…..she’s Elsie, a dog who…er….a dog who…..well, she’s just not you!!

    She doesn’t have bloomers to collect all sorts of cool things in! She has no idea how to take a mud bath and roll in stuff like you do.

    There is only one Meg-a-Mud-Star! And yes, Elsie Pie is special in her own Pie sort of way.

    I think your Mum feels a bit sorry for her because she has four legs and doesn’t roll in the mud and has no vloomers! So I guess that’s how she justified using your blog! It’s a stretch, I know!

    Just to make sure you realize that everyone here realizes there is only ONE MEG-A-STAR, we do have a little something for you! Check out this link:


    Lots of love znd extra mud pies!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!.

    • megstamum

      I’m not going to put kisses on this response because all my comments are going into spam and I’ve been told it might be because of the kisses, but you should know, Sally, that you deserve all the kisses in the world for your response and for validating just how OUTRAGEOUS Mum’s behaviour was and even if she does feel sorry for Elsie, that in NO WAY justifies her behaviour which was and is completely UNFORGIVABLE until and unless I get to wear the collar and all the treats I want and all the balls and everything I ever want ever. Thanks for understanding and the mud pies and the beautiful birthday serenade (which Elsie didn’t get) love Meg

  • Clare Allan

    And one final time

  • megstamum

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