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My life as a MEG-A-STAR

Life’s a Beach

July 15th, 2017 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

Well I haven’t updated my blog in a while, which the reason why is very simple: life has been so BOOOOOORING I’ve had nothing to write about. Boring for me and Else that is, not for Mum, oh no, Mum’s had plenty of fun, gallivanting all over the place, to the South of France, to America, and Elsie and I just left behind, and nobody even thinking of us, except Auntie Linda, who sent us some toys, but nobody else even thought about us at all and especially not Mum.

And then when she got back she never even hardly looked at us, not even hello, just be quiet girls I’ve got to get this work done. Well Else and I we were so bored we were dying, especially me, I mean Elsie a bit, but especially me, cos Pies can get by, but Megastars need LOTS of entertainment.

Well, FINALLY, today, it was like Mum suddenly remembered I existed. Hey, girls, she says, so how d’you fancy going to the beach today? I’m like HELLO???? I mean, how do you THINK???? So then we got in the car and went, and seeing as how nowadays I only get to do something fun like once a decade, I knew I had to pack as much joy as I possibly could like into every single second. Elsie just pottered, but that’s Elsie for you. Pies potter, Megastars not so much, actually Megastars not at all…

So here’s the pics just to prove it actually happened, in case you think I must of been dreaming, which I wouldn’t blame you neither, I half think I was myself.


As I say, Else mostly pottered…


But I didn’t, I went for a swim…



And then I did some digging…



Else was still pottering…


And then I had another swim, and Mum went all arty black and white, I’m like whatever just throw me the ball.


And Else thought for a bit. What shall I do now? I think I’ll go for a potter…


And then we did it all over again and that’s how we spent our day, and it really honestly totally was the absolute best day EVER. And I’m not saying Mum’s forgiven exactly for going away and leaving us but I reckon if we went a couple more times, well no promises but you know what I’m saying, let bygones be bygones and all of that, a couple more trips to the beach, a steak dinner, maybe, we’ll have to see…








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  • benny55

    DEAR, DEAR MEG!!!!! Yoy poor ignored thing!!! Sure you get plenty of attentuin when your Mum wants to clip your bloomers, but other than that, nada!!

    Whoa…just realized I’m running late for work and I do NOT want to rush tnrough your blog….back jn a bit!!

  • rikntracy

    We’re so glad she’s doing so well, and we LOVE the pictures!!!

    Tracy & Zatoichi

  • linda8115

    Oh Meg! While it may seem like Mum forgot all about you two while she was in America that’s totally contrary to what actually happened. The first thing every single one of us asked her about was you the Megastar and the sweet Elsie Pie. She regaled us for hours telling us about all the adventures you’ve all had since you’ve all been hers and she’s been yours. No you two were certainly with us the whole time! Now that being said I am very happy she got her job finished (and Meg & Elsie I hope she read it to you cause it was the best article EVER) and was able to take you two to the beach. You have both been quite patient waiting….probably the Pie a bit more patient than you Meg but both patient and certainly a reward was in order for sure! As always Meg the star quality shines through every single picture of you and Pie you do a brilliant job of pottering and I loved every single one of yours too! I’m sure Mum has more of these excellent adventures planned for you two because the next time we see her we’re going to need new stories of our two special girls! 😉 All my love to all of you!
    Love Auntie Linda

  • otisandtess

    What a great day!

  • benny55

    To be able to have laughs….true belly laughs….that’s one of the many true gifts Meg and Elsie Pie give us! And goodness knows we need them badly around here a d we can always count on you two to brighten our day!!

    Meg, you do have to go easy on yiur Mum if she hasn’t been giving you her undivided attention. She’s been very busy doing a lot of kindnesses for everyone. She did THE most beautiful Tribute video for Eurydice! Quite an unbelievable feat…a true labor of love! And prior to that, she was writing a lovely “raising awareness”‘ article about her trip to the EPIC TRIPAWD PAWTY in Virginia!

    So yes, I do believe you when you say you’ve been a bit bored.

    From the looks of these GREAT pictures,I do believe your Mum has made it up to you ten-fold!

    I keep scrolling back up to look at these pictures so full of joy and happiness…and wet dog smell and sand…and Elsie Pie just being Elsie Pie!!

    Your Mum took some great pictures that day!! To be able to capture joy and happiness through a camera lens is quite a feat!

    Oh Meg, thank yiur again for bringing us soooo many smiles and soooo much laughter, especially now! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Sending lots and lots of love

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • midnighter94

    Oh Meg! I hope you know how much my heart needed to see this! I love seeing you having so much fun swimming & digging and Elsie pottering around is just perfect. I’m glad you had such a wonderful day at the beach.
    Thank you for that!
    <3 Donna

  • dobemom

    Loved hearing about your trip to the beach, and I love the pics! I admit I cringed a bit with the sand digging, but then I remembered I didn’t have to clean you up. What a wonderful day you all had, thanks for sharing!

    Paula and Nitro

  • Michelle

    Meg I loved hearing about your trip to the beach. Your mum talked about you and Elsie when she was in America. We got to learn a lot about the 3 of you and your life.

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful MEGASTAR pictures and the ones of Elsie just pottering along 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more of your stories at the beach and other adventures

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  • misterrustybucket

    Meg, I’m sorry to hear how terribly “neglected” you have been but I think you’ll have to cut your dear Mum a break on this one because I have seen the incredible tribute video she made for a fellow tripawd and I can imagine how much time that must have taken! I know, I know you ARE a Megastar and I’m so happy to see that you received a proper beach holiday!
    Those pictures are fantastic, Clare! Meg is just radiating happiness. She’s so cute all wet and sandy, looks like incredible fun. I think my own beach style is much more in line with Elsie Pie’s pottering but Meg makes it look so fun!
    What a lovely post
    ❤️Amy & Rusty

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