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My life as a MEG-A-STAR

The Ampu-Birthday Part 2

November 5th, 2016 · 17 Comments · Uncategorized

Well I thought I’d better update you all quickly because I know how worried you must have been about this situation with Mum going away and leaving us, and not even caring, and no celebrations at all. So what happened was Elsie and I called a crisis meeting and Elsie was really, really upset because Monday is actually her birthday too (which I maybe forgot to mention before) and she’s going to be nine, and she’s not getting any party either. The reason we have the same birthday is cos when I got adopted nobody even knew when my birthday was. So Mum said I  could have an Official birthday like the Queen, on the same day as Elsie’s actual birthday, as in the day she was actually born, which nobody knows about me. Elsie said it was worse for her because Mum’s going to miss her actual birthday and only my official one, and I said it was worse for me cause she’s missing my ampuversary too, and we argued about that for a bit. Then I said to Elsie, ‘Look at us, sat here squabbling! We’ve got to work together on this.’ And Elsie said okay. So what we decided was there was no point just talking any more cos Mum wasn’t even listening. We decided we had to take action. Elsie says it was her idea, but it wasn’t, it was mine. We held a sit in protest half way up the stairs, and nobody could go up or down unless they agreed to our demands, which we wrote on a piece of paper and left on the table for Mum. ‘What if it gets to dinner time?’ Elsie said. ‘Do we still have to sit here?’ ‘Do you ever think of anything apart from your stomach?’ I asked her. ‘Not really,’ she said.


We held a sit in protest half way up the stairs 


We wrote a list of our demands and left it on the table

Well when Mum saw the list, she started laughing. ‘Honestly!’ she said. ‘Did you really think I’d forget your birthdays?… And your ampuversary, Meg. You’d better come down here…’ I didn’t know whether to trust her or not after everything she put me through over the past twenty-four hours. But Elsie was already rushing downstairs cos she thought there might be food involved, so then I had to follow.

And you know what, while we were sitting on the stairs she’d done up the sitting room all ready for our party with banners and everything.


She’d done up the sitting room all ready for our party

And then she gave us our presents

And Elsie got a yellow duck and I got a squirrel and then we had a special birthday tea with special beef cupcakes and mango sorbet for pudding.



And Mum said she was really sorry she had to go away, and if there was anything she could do to change it she would, but she can’t, and it’s just for four days and Grandma’s coming to look after us, which is good cos she spoils us and gives us whatever we want. ‘Okay,’ I said. ‘You don’t mind?’ she said. ‘I s’pose,’ I said. ‘I’m sorry,’ she said. ‘You do know I love you,’ don’t you?’ she said. ‘I s’pose,’ I said. ‘Hey, Mum, can I have a pet sheep?’


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  • benny55

    LAUGHING SO HARD I’M CRYING…TEARS OF MASSIVW AMOUNTS OF JOY AND HAPPINESS!!!! OMD!! I think I say this everytime you blog…vut best blog ever!!!!

    I have to run to work, but I’ll be back! Over the past several mo ths Ivew been goi g to work with red eyes from sad crying…today it will be from tears of happinss!!! 🙂

    • megstamum

      I’m glad you’re happy, Sally. You deserve to be happy cos you make me happy often. I would be even happier if I had a pet sheep.
      Love Meg xxx

  • otisandtess

    Too funny! What a great way to celebrate such important birthdays and an ampuversary!

    And the sit-in tricks works here too. Just today, Sophia the 8 pound cat decided to prevent 125 pound Gator from coming upstairs with me by sitting on the step midway up. It worked, until finally I went down to get Gator and bring him upstairs.

  • kazann

    What a great party and gifts!! Phew. That little Elsie sure looked fierce on the stairs. There was no getting by her.

    Obviously everyone is well loved and honoured in your house. Happy Birthday sweeties.

    • megstamum

      Thank you for the birthday wishes. Things are okay, I suppose, but they’d be better if I had a pet sheep.
      Love Meg xxx

  • Michelle

    What a surprise for you. I am so glad your mom did that for you & Elsie. I hope you had a great celebration and maybe your mom will bring you something home

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    • megstamum

      Thank you, Michelle. I hope she does and I hope what she brings is a pet sheep.
      Love Meg xxx

  • superkylie

    LOL! OMG What a great blog! Thanks for making me laugh! Sitting on the stairs and then the note of demands! lmao
    I love every bit of it!
    Happy Birthdays & Ampuversary Meg & Elsie!
    I think your mum loves you both VERY much
    Chris & Kylie

    • megstamum

      Thank you for your birthday and ampuversary wishes. It might be funny in retrospect but it was a very serious situation at the time.
      Love Meg xxx

  • benny55

    I’m laughing even harder reading this the second time tonight!! 🙂

    The photos….the “demnds”.the captions…BRILLIANTLY done!!

    Watching Meg and Elsie opening their presents with that delightful music jn the background made everything even more fun…if that’s possible!! 🙂

    Elsie,I don’t mean to be rude, but that’s the ugliest rubber chicken I’ve ever seen!

    And the picture of Meg snuggling with her…hmmm…is it a squirrel? So sweet!

    Clare, thank yiu for bringing so much joy to all of us with your brilliant…no, more like GENIUS WIT! And you couldn’t have two better messengers to help you spread the joy than Meg and Elsie!! And that Elsie, biy she sure knows how to work the camera! 🙂

    Can’t wait to buy your book..with autographs from Meg and Elsie of course!!

    With love and appreciation…And a huge grin still plastered all over my mug!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • megstamum

      You are such a kind and lovely person, Sally. I bet if Frankie wanted a sheep, you’d get him one wouldn’t you? Just saying.
      Love Meg xxx

  • TripawdEffie

    Oh I love your posts! “Mum, can I have a pet sheep?” Dying over here! Oh thank you for that.. Love and hugs and three paws.. <3

  • rmmom

    Your blog posts make me smile 🙂 Meg and Elsie are brilliant writers I must say, and evil geniuses too! OMG, the NOTE. It’s what all our animals are thinking and I really don’t understand why Meg can’t have her own sheep. Congrats to both on their birthdays and Meg’s ampuversary <3
    Nancy and Fionn

    • megstamum

      I don’t understand either, Nancy. I really don’t. Id look after it and take it for walks and everything.
      Love Meg xxx

  • jerry

    Bhhahahahaha! BEST Birthday blog post EVER!!!

    OMG Meg and Elsie, of COURSE your mum loves you, silly pups. You really are the apple of her eye, and ours too 🙂

    Wheeee! Thanks for inviting us to your celebration!! Hippy! Hoppy! YAAAAY!

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