My Story

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On New Year’s Eve, 2009, my Mum was walking through a London churchyard, when a man came up to her. “I’ll give you £100,” he said, “if you’ll take this bloody animal and keep her.” So she did. 

This is my story.

What am I?

People are always asking what I am, as if being a full time Megastar wasn’t enough! The truth is nobody really knows much about my ancestry. My Mum made me do a DNA test, which revealed that I have a touch of Rottweiler and a smidgin of German Shepherd. The rest they said was too little to measure. “In other words 100% mutt,” said Mum. 100% Megastar’s more like it.

Nobody knows my age exactly. It’s thought that I was about one year old when Mum met me, so I celebrate my birthday on the 7th November, the same day as my adopted sister, Elsie Pie. We also celebrate my Megaversary on the 31st December every year. Actually, the whole country celebrates. They let off fireworks and everything in my honour. This means I have two ‘birthdays’, like the Queen. Elsie only has one.

Here is a picture of Elsie


My sister, Elsie Pie

Some other stuff about me that you may want to know

  1. I am very long. I know this because people are always commenting on it. ‘Isn’t she long!’ they say to my Mum, or sometimes to each other as we walk past. ‘Look at that dog!’ they say. ‘Isn’t she long!’ and sometimes they ask Mum why I’m so long and she doesn’t know what to say. I have been compared to a bendy bus, a bratwurst and a slinky.
  2. My legs are too short for my body. This too has been commented on, though less so now that I’ve only got three. Now that I’ve only got three legs, people usually comment on that.
  3. I weigh 33 pounds and am super-skinny. It’s good for Tripawds to be skinny. Elsie is not super-skinny.

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