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My life as a MEG-A-STAR

Billie: 10 Years at the Bridge

July 18th, 2017 · 11 Comments · Uncategorized

Ten years ago today, I lost my beloved Billie. It is very hard to comprehend that it has been ten years. Ten years since I held her and gave her cuddles, since I kissed the dip in the top of her head, since I stroked her warm tummy and when I stopped she would raise her paw and demand that I continue.

Billie was the sweetest, gentlest, most loving friend it is possible to imagine. She was a true companion, in person and in spirit. She accompanied me everywhere, her calm, gentle nature making her welcome even in places where dogs are not usually allowed. When I studied for an MA, she came with me to classes, sitting beside me for the three-hour workshop, an occasional lap from her water bowl, but otherwise not a peep. She loved going to pubs. At our local, the Lord Palmerston, I would buy her a steak (medium rare) and they would chop it up for her and serve it in her own special porcelain bowl. She came with me to work. I worked at the time, a couple of days a week in a literary agency. Billie came with me on the train, trotting along through the crowds of commuters, we would stop at the deli to buy her some snacks (parma ham, roast beef), then she’d curl up beside my desk as I worked. When she fancied a break, she’d wander off and visit the other offices. She would walk in on meetings. Several times, I was told that in the midst of a tricky negotiation, the appearance of Billie would ease the tension and make everybody smile. She came to launches, unphased by the assembled ranks of literary stardom, Billie took it all in her stride.

Billie handled London with aplomb. She travelled by tube, by bus and train. She loved to take the boat down the Thames to Greenwich, where we’d wander round the markets together, go to a cafe for lunch. But it was in the mountains of North Wales, where we spent several months every year,  that we shared some of our the most magical times together. We knew those mountains intimately. We climbed them in every sort of weather, sharing sandwiches behind dry stone walls to shelter from the wind. I loved the way we pooled our skills. Several times, when the mist came down, or when the bracken had grown over the path, it was Billie who guided us home. Once, on Cnicht, she broke a toe and I carried her three miles down to the road, her chin resting patiently on my shoulder, where, thank heavens, a passing farmer, took pity and gave us a lift.

Billie was the sweetest friend. I was not in a good place when I got her, and she saw me through the most difficult years of my life, with her gentle, dependable love. The loss of her, aged ten, from a brain tumour was almost unbearable. The end was horrendous. She reacted badly to the euthanasia drug (an extremely rare occurrence, and almost certainly a result of the brain tumour making her reactions unpredictable. The neurologist, who was senior and highly experienced, was herself badly shaken by it), and this haunted me for a long time. Three weeks and one day after Billie, on 9th August 2007, my father died, also from a brain tumour. It’s extraordinary the pain you can somehow survive.

Billie with my father. This is the last photo I have of them together.

There have been an awful lot of losses in our community recently. Billie is an old timer now at the Bridge, and I like to think of her greeting Colonel Mosby and Kylie and Otis and offering to show them the ropes. She was not a boisterous character, not one for the rough and tumble. She barked maybe five times in her life. But should anyone be feeling in any way uncertain (are such things possible at the Bridge?), Billie will be there to reassure them, with her sweet, gentle presence, her constancy, her quiet, unwavering love.

I miss her so, so much.




Life’s a Beach

July 15th, 2017 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

Well I haven’t updated my blog in a while, which the reason why is very simple: life has been so BOOOOOORING I’ve had nothing to write about. Boring for me and Else that is, not for Mum, oh no, Mum’s had plenty of fun, gallivanting all over the place, to the South of France, to America, and Elsie and I just left behind, and nobody even thinking of us, except Auntie Linda, who sent us some toys, but nobody else even thought about us at all and especially not Mum.

And then when she got back she never even hardly looked at us, not even hello, just be quiet girls I’ve got to get this work done. Well Else and I we were so bored we were dying, especially me, I mean Elsie a bit, but especially me, cos Pies can get by, but Megastars need LOTS of entertainment.

Well, FINALLY, today, it was like Mum suddenly remembered I existed. Hey, girls, she says, so how d’you fancy going to the beach today? I’m like HELLO???? I mean, how do you THINK???? So then we got in the car and went, and seeing as how nowadays I only get to do something fun like once a decade, I knew I had to pack as much joy as I possibly could like into every single second. Elsie just pottered, but that’s Elsie for you. Pies potter, Megastars not so much, actually Megastars not at all…

So here’s the pics just to prove it actually happened, in case you think I must of been dreaming, which I wouldn’t blame you neither, I half think I was myself.


As I say, Else mostly pottered…


But I didn’t, I went for a swim…



And then I did some digging…



Else was still pottering…


And then I had another swim, and Mum went all arty black and white, I’m like whatever just throw me the ball.


And Else thought for a bit. What shall I do now? I think I’ll go for a potter…


And then we did it all over again and that’s how we spent our day, and it really honestly totally was the absolute best day EVER. And I’m not saying Mum’s forgiven exactly for going away and leaving us but I reckon if we went a couple more times, well no promises but you know what I’m saying, let bygones be bygones and all of that, a couple more trips to the beach, a steak dinner, maybe, we’ll have to see…








Dawn Chorus

May 7th, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

This morning, Mum woke us up super early. Come on, girls, she said. Let’s go for a walk. What now?! said Elsie. It’s like 5am.  Now, said Mum. Then we can hear the dawn chorus. Else wasn’t keen. Do we have to? she said. I’m tired, I fancy a lie in. Listen, said Mum, the sooner we go, the sooner you’ll be back for your breakfast. Else thought about it for half a second. Come on then, she said.

Else thought about it for half a second. Come on then, she said.

We were so super early, there was no one around, only us and Mum and the sound of the birds and it was really misty too, kind of like magic.

It was really misty too, kind of like magic.

Even the squirrels were still asleep. Come on, I shouted. Hey, wake up! Shush, said Mum. Meg! I’m listening to the birds.

Come on, I shouted. Hey, wake up!

Else watched the whole thing from the brow of the hill. You could see she was like ‘Come on!’ but we just ignored her.

Else watched the whole thing from the brow of the hill.

Then she came down. We’ve been aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages, she said. I’m starving. Pleeeeease can we go home and have some breakfast.

We’ve been aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages, she said.

So then we turned back, cos that’s what Mum’s like, really soft on Elsie. But on the way, this hare ran across right in front of Elsie Pie, which perked her up no end. Did you see! she kept saying. Hey Meg, did you see! That was my closest EVER, she said. Which maybe it was, but it wasn’t that close, or nowhere near as close as me, even on three legs, nowhere near, even on three with a thorn in my paw, nowhere near, just saying.

This hare ran across right in front of Elsie Pie

So then we went home and I had a quick swim on the way, like just to wind Elsie up, or not really, I mean I do like swimming, well maybe just a bit.

I had a quick swim on the way

Then, after breakfast, Else went to sleep cos she was so exhausted. But I wasn’t even tired at all, so I helped Mum in the garden and we chatted. I like early morning walks, I said. cos when you get back there’s still lots of day left. Hey Mum, I said, can we do it again tomorrow?

Hey Mum, I said, can we do it again tomorrow?





MegaGardening for Ruby Roo

April 3rd, 2017 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

So I said to Else, I said, ‘Elsie I’ve got a plan.’ ‘What sort of a plan,’ said Elsie, like really suspicious. ‘A good plan,’ I said. Elsie didn’t say anything. ‘Well,’ I said. ‘Don’t you want to hear it?’ Elsie grunted. ‘Go on then,’ she said. Do you know what I’m saying, blood out of a stone.

‘We’re going to plant a garden,’ I said. ‘We’ve got a garden,’ Elsie said. ‘If you’d just let me finish, Elsie,’ I said. ‘We’re going to plant a garden for Ruby Roo.’ Elsie just stared at me. ‘Listen,’ I said. ‘We’re going to plant all Ruby Roo’s favourite things. Lettuce and parsley and maybe some dill…’ ‘How do you know what Ruby Roo likes?’ said Elsie. ‘She’s a RABBIT,’ I said. ‘She likes lettuce. All rabbits like lettuce.’ ‘I don’t like lettuce, Elsie said. ‘Or not unless there’s nothing else.’ ‘But you’re not a rabbit, are you?’ I said. Honestly, head brick wall.

‘So then what?’ said Elsie. ‘So then we wait. And when Ruby Roo hears about our garden, she’ll sneak in and try to steal our lettuce, and then…’ ‘Then what?’ said Elsie. ‘We chase her! Do I have to spell everything out?’ I said. ‘We chase her and we tell her to stop posting provocative videos, or else…’ ‘Or else what?’…’Just or else,’ I said…. ‘Or else what?’…. ‘Just or else.’…. and we carried on like that for a bit.

Well Elsie was doubtful to put it mildly. ‘It sounds like a lot of work,’ she said. ‘And Ruby Roo might not even come.’ ‘Course she will,’ I said. ‘But even if she doesn’t. Other rabbits will come, won’t they.  Think of it Elsie, thousands of rabbits. What’s the point you and me chasing them, when all we need to do is plant a salad bar and wait?’ Well that convinced her, like I knew it would, the thought of lying in the sun and having the rabbits come to her. Minimum effort, maximum reward; that’s Elsie Pie all over.

So we got Mum to take us to the garden centre and we chose all the plants that rabbits like, except Mum kept trying to sneak in extra stuff to get us to plant them for her too. ‘Are you sure rabbits like sweet peas?’ I asked her. ‘Positive,’ she said.

Are you sure rabbits like sweet peas?’ I asked her.

Then came all the digging and planting and that was hard work, and guess who did it.

But finally the job was done. Look Ruby Roo, how d’you fancy some lettuce?

Look Ruby Roo, how d’you fancy some lettuce?

And I took a well-earned rest from my labours.

It’s alright, Elsie, you can wake up now. Job’s done!






My 1 Year Ampuversary Portrait(s)

March 15th, 2017 · 11 Comments · Uncategorized

My official photographer (aka Mum) was commissioned to take my portrait to mark my One Year Ampuversary!

I may have mentioned this before, but I am the dog they said couldn’t possibly manage on three legs. Not possibly, that’s what they said. Not possibly. No way.

Else had to muscle in, of course, cause that’s the way she is. She nearly pushed me off the bridge!

And this one. Show me your softer side, said Mum, and so I did. This is my Princess Diana look…

More soon, when I’ll be updating the blog with details of my celebrations.

Bye for now!

Love Meg xxx